Artists at work

2-10 June | 10am-4pm | The Cloud

Come and see Wellington artists' collective Lucid Dream Bike hard at work on 7 unique illuminated floats for our illuminated night time parade.

As the week progresses the floats will begin to take shape. Pop in as many times as you like, our artists like the company!

We will also be selling strips of lights to decorate your ride. There are two types. Please bring cash: $5 (fancy) or $10 (very fancy).

Special Schools Day

8 June | 10am-4pm | The Cloud

Book your class in to visit us at The Cloud on Thursday 8th June.  As well as Lucid Dream Bike and their floats, Touch Compass will be performing and The TestPod will be there with activities geared toward special needs. The structure of the day is designed to be flexible. Please call Touch Compass on (09) 5506464 to make a reservation.

Here's a video of Lucid preparing for last year's parade in Wellington ....