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Wanted: 7 shining stars to power the InMotion Matariki Parade


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InMotion Matariki, Auckland's only inclusive, illuminated, all-wheels public parade, is part of Auckland Council’s Matariki Festival.

“It was a great parade! Magical, colourful, sparkly, glowing, slight drizzle, a little wind, but full of energy. Happy vibrations filled the air! The participation of such positivity is extraordinary.“

- Gemma, parade participant, 2017

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The parade is of particular appeal to children and their families, businesses, artists and creatives, the cycling community and groups from throughout the disability sector.

“We look forward to this event being an annual celebration on Auckland's bike calendar and would love to meet with you to talk about how we could get more involved next year.”

- Bike Auckland, 2017

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Touch Compass are promoting InMotion Matariki, with an educational resource and workshops, through schools across the Auckland region and New Zealand.

InMotion Matariki is presented in association with a host of fantastic partners, including:

We're looking for 7 extra-special businesses to help make this magical event a reality. If your firm wants to stand out from the crowd and show that you support diversity and the spirit of Matariki, please contact us today.