Each year Touch Compass enjoys the support of a variety of partners, as we present InMotion Matariki. The following organisations were instrumental in the delivery of InMotion Matariki 2018:

InMotion Matariki is a community event, that is growing in size year on year. We have complete creative control of the event making it the perfect opportunity for collaboration.

InMotion Matariki sparks conversation about diversity and disability. It exercises our imagination, and promotes learning about Māori; the indigenous culture of New Zealand. InMotion Matariki creates a novel platform for performance artists, and it seeks to play with innovation and disruptive technologies.

There is a role for everyone in InMotion Matariki.

If your company would like to play a role in InMotion Matariki 2019, please contact us today!

InMotion Matariki parade.jpg