School Resources

Currently our InMotion Matariki School Kit and our InMotion Matariki School Workshops are the principal means of promoting the InMotion Matariki parade.

School Kit

Kōtuku (the white heron)

The InMotion Matariki School Kit is available free to teachers and students throughout New Zealand.

It offers an authentic narrative of Matariki through a rich mix of engaging content, and helps children develop a healthy disposition toward disability and other forms of diversity.   

The kit is an online digital resource, and has been developed to meet the objectives of the New Zealand school curriculum.

School Workshops

Touch Compass take great delight in presenting our InMotion Matariki School Workshops* in the weeks leading up to the parade.

The workshops, delivered by New Zealands leading disabled and non-disabled performers, offer young minds a wonderful opportunity to explore Matariki and te ao Māori.

* at this stage, for the 2019 session, we are planning to offer the workshops in Auckland, Northland and in the Waikato.

If you would like to register your interest in the school kit or the school workshops for InMotion Matarki 2019, please submit your details below.

And, in the meantime, please join us in a celebration of InMotion Matariki 2018 with Dance With Moves.

Dance With Moves was one of many activities offered in the InMotion Matariki 2018 school kit. Children had great fun learning the moves to the song Wairua (by Maimoa) at school, before our spectacular mass dance finale at the InMotion Matariki parade.