Kōtuku (the white heron)

The InMotion Matariki Education Resource

Last year, Touch Compass prepared for Matariki with the development of our InMotion Matariki education resource.

The resource is designed as a multimedia experience with content available as a printed booklet (downloadable PDF) and via the website. We’ve worked hard to ensure the content is both accessible (available to everyone regardless of ability/disability) and reflects a diverse community (inclusive).

The narrative of Matariki is founded upon the authoritative work of Dr Rangi Matamua. His book, Matariki: The Star of the Year was used as the foundation of the information presented in this resource.

We also worked in collaboration with a practising school teacher so the content conforms to the achievement objectives of the New Zealand school curriculum.

The InMotion Matariki education resource is free to everyone. Please do enjoy your own journey of learning as you work through the story of Matariki.

Download a copy of the InMotion Matariki Education Resource (2018) - Achievement Objectives

Register here and we will send you a copy of the education resource booklet. Likewise, if your school is in Auckland and you would like us to contact you regarding a free InMotion Matariki workshop, please register your details here.