InMotion Matariki Parade is a free community event which relies on the efforts a great number of generous volunteers.

This year, we are looking for people to help in a variety of roles, including:

  • parade marshall (to make sure everyone stays on course and to make sure they are safe)

  • feedback collector (we need to collate data about the audience for reporting purposes)

  • parade buddy (we want to make InMotion Matariki Parade an enjoyable experience for all, so this year we thought we would find a “buddy” for people who have a visual impairment, need assistance with mobility, who have come alone or simply …. want to make a new friend)

Ideally, we would love to have volunteers help us from 4pm until 8pm (approx.) on parade night (Saturday 6th July)

Please register below, and we will contact you closer to the date of the event with the finer details.

Volunteer Registration

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